Welcome! As one of the founding attorneys, I have spent the last 33 years building one of the top estate planning law firms in Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY.  I began practicing in 1983 by drafting estate plans, and learning with each family. Now, my firm practices in every aspect of estate planning from trust administration and gift tax planning, to special needs planning and estate litigation.  I founded Reiter Law Firm on the core principal of providing the utmost level of expertise and resources that you would find a large law firm, with the efficiency and intimate family feel of a small law firm.  With estate planning and administrating as our main focus, Reiter Law Firm devotes all of our resources to providing exceptional, individualized services for each and every client.

From our Estate Planning base, we have expanded our services over the years to meet the needs of our clients. We provide legal assistance in real estate transactions, commercial/business projects, and assisting debtors with complex debtor/creditor problems including personal bankruptcies. In addition, we have added a litigation expertise to provide solutions to serious issues affecting our clients.

I personally welcome you to come by and visit our main office in Suffern, NY, or call to schedule an appointment.

Yours truly,

Arnold E. Reiter
Founding and Managing Partner of Reiter Law Firm

When it comes to estate planning, our mission is to fully understand the dynamics of our client's family and their financial state of affairs. From there, we intimately work with each client to establish clear estate planning goals and objectives, offering flowcharts, spreadsheets and the like to demonstrate our recommended strategies for their estate planning needs. After we draft the appropriate estate planning documents and send them to the client to review, we then schedule a time to reconvene to review the documents together, answer any questions and finalize the documents. Once all of the documents are fully executed, our obligation does not cease. For example, we assist with any asset transfers and ongoing follow-up that may be necessary. Further, due to the ever-changing estate, trust, gift, and tax laws, it is our further obligation to each client to provide updates on these changes.

At Reiter Law Firm, it is our mission to provide quality legal services for a reasonable price. In our experience, we have found that most of our clients prefer a flat fee for estate planning services rather than the uncertainty associated with the ubiquitous hourly rate. In fact, we prefer this method because it encourages our clients to contact us at any time to discuss any questions they may have and make sure their estate is planned in a way they are most comfortable. In addition, we always provide our first client conference at no cost to you. From there, we will quote a flat fee to perform the work. Due to the complexities of some client matters, we may offer a reasonable hourly rate, with an estimated range of hours. Regardless of the arrangement, each client engages our firm by reviewing and executing a Retainer Agreement outlining the scope of work, billing practices, and fees to be incurred. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible when it comes to billing because we believe there is no greater way to detract from the high quality of service we seek to provide.

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