The purchase or sale of a home is generally one of the largest financial transactions a person will undertake. Following a principle that a real estate closing should be a happy and memorable transaction, engaging the attorneys at Reiter Law early in the process will ensure that occurs. Whether you are buying or selling, Reiter Law is experienced in all types of personal and commercial real estate and business transactions.

Real Estate practice areas include:


Closings can become complicated. Dealing with title companies, inspectors, real estate agents, brokers, buyer’s attorney, seller’s attorney, etc., there is a lot of paperwork, and various moving parts in a short burst of time. Allow us handle this for you while you celebrate your new home. Our mission at Reiter Law is to execute closings quickly and efficiently. Throughout the process, we are available to answer any of your questions every step of the way.

Deed Transfers:

A deed conveys ownership of a property to the person or entity specified in the deed. When a property needs to be transferred we help prepare and file the necessary deed and accompanying paperwork, making the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

Rental Agreements:

At Reiter Law Firm we assist in drafting a tactical lease agreement, whether the landlord or the tenant, to satisfy your specific goals. We believe that a lease agreement drafted correctly the first time can help both parties avoid future headaches and possible litigation.


We have clients that are both landlords and tenants and are therefore thoroughly acquainted with both sides of the equation. Whether it’s enforcing a lease agreement, procuring or defending an eviction proceeding, or negotiating a covenant or easement, the attorneys at Reiter Law are fully equipped to advise both landlords and tenants alike.

Commercial Lease Review and Negotiation:

We represent both commercial landlords and small business tenants. Because of this we have vast experience reviewing and negotiating commercial leases.

Business Sales:

Business sales often become very complex and negotiations intense. We offer our expertise on confidentiality agreements, stock purchase agreements, merger agreements, non-compete agreements and much more. Whatever your area of need, the attorneys at Reiter Law are here to help you every step of the way.