The attorneys at Reiter Law have vast experience representing individuals and corporations in state and federal courts throughout New York and New Jersey. When discussing litigation with our clients, we listen to their goals and devise a logical, pragmatic strategy to obtain a favorable result. While we aggressively advocate for our clients at every stage of the litigation process, we are well known for being able to settle disputes at an early stage to save substantially on cost and fees.

Litigation practice areas include:

Commercial Litigation:

Commercial litigation is the process of taking legal action regarding business transactions. We are often consulted for legal representation in these cases to help settle a dispute. At Reiter Law we offer a range of services that fall under commercial litigation. Our extensive experience in this area permits us to assist our clients above and beyond what you might normally expect from a small firm.

Construction Litigation:

We are highly skilled at assisting clients in all matters of construction law in both the public and private sector. We are happy to offer our expertise to assist our clients during every phase of this process, starting with site selection and acquisition to the final disposition. We can help you with contractor and subcontractor agreements (and disagreements), construction financing arrangements and any other matters that may need attention.

Estate Litigation:

When probating a will or administrating a trust, controversies and disputes may arise. If those issues cannot be resolved amicably between the parties at issue, judicial intervention may be necessary. Our experience includes but is not limited to beneficiary disputes, contested heirs, wrongful death recovery, contested powers of attorney, fraudulent transfers, and spousal right of election.


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the attorneys are Reiter Law are well-versed in landlord/tenant law. In our experience, disputes between landlords and tenants are frequent and disputes tend to remain unsettled much longer than they need to be in the absence of proper guidance. At Reiter Law we appreciate that time and money is important to you. With this at the forefront of our legal strategy, we handle disputes involving landlord/tenant issues balancing the prospect of settling the matter between parties and forging through with a court appearance when necessary to obtain the requested relief.

Real Estate:

Our experience in real estate transactions expands to real estate litigation. Our extensive hands on expertise allows Reiter Law to litigate client’s real estate matters in an individualized and multidisciplinary fashion that leads to superior results that consistently exceeds our clients expectations.