When it comes to estate planning, our mission is to fully understand the dynamics of our client’s family and their financial state of affairs. From there, we intimately work with each client to establish clear estate planning goals and objectives, offering flowcharts, spreadsheets and the like to demonstrate our recommended strategies for their estate planning needs. After we draft the appropriate estate planning documents and send them to the client to review, we then schedule a time to reconvene to review the documents together, answer any questions and finalize the documents. Once all of the documents are fully executed, our obligation does not cease. For example, we assist with any asset transfers and ongoing follow-up that may be necessary. Further, due to the ever-changing estate, trust, gift, and tax laws, it is our further obligation to each client to provide updates on these changes.

Our other work – – debtor/creditor issues, real estate, bankruptcy, and litigation – – is treated in the same thoughtful, compassionate, and comprehensive fashion.